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Late evening park visit results in gun, drug arrest for convicted felon
Charles Wilson III booking photo info_Page_1.jpg
Charles Wilson III

PORTERDALE, Ga. – An evening visit to a Porterdale park landed a convicted felon back behind bars Sunday after authorities found a loaded gun and marijuana.

According to a Porterdale Police Department incident report, Sgt. Charles Cook was patrolling in the area of Cedar Shoals Park shortly before 11 p.m. Aug. 12 when he observed a white SUV backed into a parking space at the park. The park reportedly closes at sundown.

After advising a man and woman sitting on a bench next to the river that the park was closed, Cook reportedly asked the pair for ID so he could log through dispatch who he had made contact with. According to the report, the female produced her identification but after looking for his, the male, identified as 34-year old Charles Jack Wilson, told Cook he didn’t have his ID.

According to the report, when Wilson first opened the door to look for his identification, Cook detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. When Cook asked Wilson if there was any marijuana on him or in the vehicle, he reportedly denied having any. 

As Cook was speaking with Wilson, GCIC information returned indicating that Wilson was on probation. Wilson reportedly said that the probation was from a theft charge approximately five years ago.

“The more I spoke with Mr. Wilson the more he appeared to be getting nervous,” Cook wrote in his report. “ For example he at one point laid from the waist up on the hood of the vehicle, he then began walking around pulling his pants up as if he was looking for a place to run. He lit another cigarette and stated that he did not need this.”

According to the report, Cook requested back up and Newton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Brent Morrison, along with Deputy Christopher Cooley and Deputy Jathan Nagrodski arrived at the scene.

After the back-up arrived, Cook and Morrison began searching the vehicle due to the odor of marijuana.  As they searched, they reportedly found a “Ninja Turtles” tin container in the center console that contained a clear, plastic bag with multiple green tablets in the shape of a turtle shell. The pills were believed to be Ecstasy tablets.

According to the report, after the tablets were found, both Wilson and the female were placed in handcuffs. Morrison also reportedly found a brown bag in the back seat of the vehicle containing marijuana and a handgun. In the very back of the vehicle, authorities found a soft, black handgun case, an opened package for a .40 caliber magazine and an opened box for a digital scale.

Wilson reportedly was advised of his rights and took ownership of the bag and its contents, advising authorities what was in it. The female was taken out of handcuffs.

According to the report, the handgun in the bag was a Glock Model 22 with a 30 round magazine inserted in it. The magazine contained 24 rounds of hollow point and ball ammunition. Also in the bag was a wallet containing Wilson’s identification and a digital scale with marijuana residue on it. The bag also contained fruit snacks and men’s toiletry items.

Wilson was transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

According to the report, the Ninja Turtles tin was collected to be sent to the crime lab for testing to be done on the tablets. Cook wrote that if the tablets return to be contraband, a warrant for possession of a Schedule II drug will be secured for Wilson and the female.