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Jury scams reported in Covington
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The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) responded to two reports of jury scams recently.

On April 7, a NCSO deputy spoke to a woman who stated that she had received a call telling her that she did not show up for jury duty and that a warrant for her arrest would be issued. According to the report, the woman was told that if she purchased two Green Dot cards in the amount of $375 and gave them the information, the warrant would be retracted.

According to an April 8 NCSO report, a Covington woman received a call from a man who identified himself as a Newton County deputy. The man reportedly wanted to know why the woman did not report for jury duty in early February.

According to the report, the woman told him that she never received a notice. The man told her that she had two warrants and instructed her to go to the bank and get cash, then go to Kroger and purchase Green Dot cards.

According to the NCSO report, the man talked her through the steps and she reportedly sent a total of $700.

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