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Report: ‘Extremely agitated’ man threatens Covington shelter residents with knife
Officers say he surrenders without incident after putting hand in pocket while they told him to obey commands
Covington police

COVINGTON, Ga. — Some Covington Police officers reportedly defused a potentially dangerous situation recently when an “extremely agitated” suspect surrendered peacefully after he allegedly threatened people with a knife and pipe at a homeless shelter.

Roddreqes Joiner, 35, of Covington, also made motions including putting his hand in his jacket pocket as officers ordered him to surrender before was arrested in the Thursday, Sept. 24, incident at Rainbow Homeless Shelter at 7133 Turner Lake Circle, a report stated. 

A caller told 911 a man, identified as Joiner, was carrying a knife and pipe and threatening individuals as he entered and exited the shelter around 12:26 a.m., a report stated. 

Witnesses said Joiner had been “extremely agitated” toward everyone at the shelter before two officers responded to the call.

“When we entered the shelter we could hear the subject yelling in the back of the building and began to approach down the hallway,” Officer A. Dial reported.

Dial and the other officer located Joiner in the back hallway “and he began to yell and cuss at us” including racial insults and a “a lot of political rhetoric.”

The officers then “began to give commands” as one held the suspect at gunpoint and the other had a Taser pointed at his torso, the report stated.

“Joiner reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a empty hand at our command and laid face down on the ground,” Dial reported. 

The officer then put away the Taser and approached to handcuff the suspect as the other officer continued to hold the suspect at gunpoint. 

The suspect then reached for a bag he also was carrying. He was told to put his hands on the floor or he would be tased “and he complied.”

“The entire time he yelled and cussed at us and repeatedly told us to kill him,” the officer reported.

They then cuffed the suspect and he told them a knife was in his pocket, the report stated. The officers searched the suspect and Dial escorted the suspect to a squad car.

“Upon being placed in my car he began to kick my … rear driver’s side door and slam his head and back against the rear passenger door,” Dial reported.

Joiner was “quickly transported” to the Newton County jail “so he could be placed in proper holding until he calmed down,” the report stated.

Joiner was charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts and a Parole Violation. He was being held without bond in the Newton County Jail.

In a separate incident Friday, Sept. 25, a Covington man told officers he was cut with a knife after he attempted to assist a man who asked him to jump off his car.

The victim said he saw a dark-colored vehicle, possibly an Infiniti, with its hazard lights on at the corner of Old Monticello and Green streets around 4:27 a.m. and offered help to the two people in the vehicle. 

He said one man asked him for a jump before pulling a knife and not asking for anything else. The victim was cut on the hand before he ran to his vehicle and left the area, a report stated. He was unable to get a tag number or any other information, the report said.

Roddreqes Joiner
Roddreqes Joiner - photo by Special to The Covington News