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CPD promotes nine
Covington Police Car - UPDATED.JPG

COVINGTON, Ga. – The Covington Police Department promoted it’s largest number of officers at one time in more than 20 years Thursday when Chief Stacey Cotton promoted nine to fill command and supervisory vacancies in the department.

Capt. Philip Bradford was promoted to assistant chief, filling an opening that was created with the retirement of Almond Turner. Lts. Wendell Wagstaff and Mike Bruno were promoted to captain, succeeding Bradford and recently retired Craig Treadwell.

Sgts. Brent Fuesting, Chris Smith and Gene Nugui were promoted to lieutenant and Officers Allan Seebaran, Hayward DeRouen and Daniel Digby were promoted to sergeant.

Bradford told The Covington News the department’s largest previous one-time promotion was in January 1998 shortly after Cotton was named chief of the department, when eight were promoted.

Cotton told The News he’s excited about the next era coming for his department with a new command staff and moving into a new headquarters.

“It’s been an honor to be able to promote good people and watch them retire or move on to greater things and then promote other good people to take their places," he said. “It’s fun to watch people advance in their careers.”