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'Career criminal' behind bars in Butts County
Meth dealer known to traffic drugs across Newton County, others
Butts County arrests 'career criminal'
Andy Kirk Davis, center, is arrested Tuesday, July 28, in Butts County. Sheriff Gary Long described Davis as a "career criminal" known to deal meth across Georgia, including Newton County.

A “career criminal” known to deal methamphetamine across Georgia, including Newton County, was arrested Tuesday in Butts County.

With the aid of the FBI and Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Butts County Sheriff Gary Long said investigators were able to close a two-month investigation this week, which led to the arrest of Andy Kirk Davis.

Davis, approximately age 38, is a member of the “Ghost Face Gangsters” gang, according to Long. During the investigation, Long said his agents purchased more than 500 grams of meth from Davis in Butts, Newton and Putnam counties. He was known to deal drugs in Jasper County, too.

Davis was arrested and booked at the Butts County Jail on Tuesday and charged with selling meth, trafficking meth and use of a telecommunication device to commit a felony. He also faces additional charges of trafficking and selling meth in Newton and Putnam counties.

“Andy Davis is a career criminal and will be facing a life sentence based [off] of this investigation,” Long stated. “I can’t say he won’t distribute illegal narcotics inside the prison system, but I am confident he won’t do it in his natural life in the communities of Middle Georgia.”

Since 2010, Davis has been convicted of multiple crimes, including three related to possession and trafficking marijuana, according to information from the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Davis was on parole after being released from prison April 27, 2020.