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Woman knocked out in Waffle House fight
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Two men were arrested for disorderly conduct Sunday, after police responded to a fight at Waffle House and found a woman knocked out on the ground around 2 a.m.

When officers arrived, they were met by several witnesses, all who told similar stories, according to reports.

A fight started at the Waffle House when a car with two females and two males arrived. One of the men, later identified as Delanious Dorsey, walked into the restaurant and attempted to start a conversation with a woman and her daughter. The daughter - who was found knocked out - reportedly told Dorsey he should put a shirt on because it was cold outside.

The two females and other male, later identified as Eldrickous Brown, allegedly came into the restaurant in time to hear the comment made and told the woman she didn't need to speak to Dorsey "in that manner." The woman and her daughter and the two women from Dorsey's vehicle exchanged words with one another until a worker at Waffle House told them all to go outside, which is when the fight ensued.

During the course of the fight one victim told officers Dorsey punched her in the face and that the two women with him - who witnesses say fled before police arrived - kicked her, stomped her head and punched her daughter several times in the face and mouth. A witness came up and tried to break up the fight and Brown attempted to punch that person as well.

Neither Dorsey nor Brown would identify the women who had been with them. Dorsey was "visibly intoxicated" according to reports and insisted, despite witnesses accounts, that he had just been trying to break up the fight.

He and Brown were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Dorsey was additionally charged with public drunk.