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Two arrested for January car arson
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The mystery of a burning car found in a wooded area in January has been solved, and the motive seems to be as simple as the quest for a new vehicle.

Firefighters were called to a wooded area off Capes Drive in the wee hours of the morning by witnesses who saw the fire. When they arrived they found a 2007 Saturn fully engulfed. But the witnesses to the burning car were able to provide much-needed information that eventually led to the arrest of two people.

When the two witnesses got to the area of the fire that January morning, they reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the area while they were waiting for firefighters to arrive. They made contact with the people in the car and asked if they knew anything about the vehicle burning in the woods. The people reportedly said they didn't know anything about it and left.

But they didn't stay gone. According to the witnesses, they came back to the area and at least one person was seen running from the woods and getting into the car before it left. They were able to supply a description of the car and the driver, as well as a possible tag number, which returned the owners of the burning vehicle, Andrea and Bianca Wayne of Lawrenceville.

Both were arrested and charged with arson, conspiracy to commit a crime and giving false statements in a political subdivision. Additionally, Andrea was charged with criminal trespass. The motive seems to be that the two wanted a new car.