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The life of a film extra
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Covington has been booming lately as movies and television series continue to wander through the picture-perfect small town. Perhaps nothing illustrates Covington's prominence like "Entertainment Tonight's" visit on Tuesday, as the show interviewed the stars of "Footloose" who were wrapping up filming in Covington.

Though the "Footloose" set in Covington was closed, hundreds of extra did get a chance to glimpse the stars. For some extras that's a big draw to the job; for others, they could care less. Below are thoughts from some of the extras that participated in "Footloose's" three-day shoot in Covington.

Henry Louis Adams

AGE: 39

HOMETOWN: Stone Mountain

Favorite Aspect of Extra Work: "I enjoy the behind the scenes training that you get. Being an extra gives you the opportunity to see how a movie is actually put together. Being able to see how an actor and background extra artist work together to bring the script alive is amazing.
"You also get an inside look at what it takes to make a movie from a production aspect. How actors interact with the director and how the crew works together to bring the vision to life. My goal is to become a professional actor ... I use my personal and vacation time to pursue my acting career. One day God willing, I will live in the moment of my passion for acting and make a living doing it."

IMPRESSION OF COVINGTON: "Working as an extra here exposed me to the beautiful and distinct downtown area. I love the square. I am sure that many people would chose Covington as a cool and quiet little place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city when it builds up a little bit more. I love the small town feel. Hopefully I will be able to visit some shops and learn more about the area."

PRIOR CREDITS: "Lottery Ticket," "Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns," "Fast and Furious 5," "Franklin and Bash," "Detroit 1-8-7," "The Glades," "The Past Life," "The Lost Valentine," "Life as We Know It" (yet to be released)AGE: 53 and 23

Bobbi and Bud Eaton 

AGE: 53 and 23

HOMETOWN: Covington

FULL-TIME WORK: Bobbi is a pre-K Special Education Para Professional at Middle Ridge Elementary.

Favorite Part: "Meeting new people. There is a story behind each Extra. We are all so different but yet alike... I have met and worked with so many remarkable crew members, celebrities and other extras. But the most fun I've had is getting to work on some projects with my son, Bud. We started off by attending the open casting call for Vampire Diaries in July 2009. We both have worked on several episodes of Vampire Diaries, that films in Covington and look forward to doing more if asked." - Bobbi

Hardest Part: "The down time in filming can be very long. At times it can be hours between scenes but it is in the downtime I get to know all my new friends... And the long drives to get to some locations are not fun at all especially if you film into the wee hours of the morning." - Bobbi

Prior Credits (between the two): "Vampire Diaries:" 3 episodes, "Terminal," "The Walking Dead," "Drop Dead Divas," Jack's Family Restaurant commercial, A Cartoon Network movie (can't name at this time), A Lifetime movie (can't name at this time)

Tanya Lingner

AGE: 41

HOMETOWN: Covington

FULL-TIME WORK: Pediatric nurse at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Hardest Part: "As an extra you do have to be flexible and the hours are long. You do get paid, and at the end of the day you have to realize that it is a job and you are there to work. (But) I had a great time and enjoyed getting to see just how movies are made... And, watching the actors work is amazing."

How is wardrobe handled for an extra? "In both of the projects ("Footloose" and "Vampire Diaries") that I have worked I was given specific requirements as far as wardrobe. You are to come dressed in one outfit, and bring three other options. The wardrobe department will look you over and approve or disapprove of your choices and make adjustments if needed with their clothes. You also come with hair and make up ready. The make up department will look you over and make any adjustments needed."

How does it feel to be able to appear in a remake a film you watched many years ago? "I am excited that I was able to be an extra in this film. I was in high school when the original came out, and loved it. It's also neat that parts are filmed here in Covington. That was the main reason that I wanted to do it. "


Meggan Gillham

AGE: 19


How did you find about the "Footloose" opportunity? "I heard about footloose through Acme casting because I also did Mean Girls 2 with them, so they called me to work."

Hardest Part: "The hardest part is not being able to do more in the movie when you want to do more and not being able to talk on set. I want to be an actress because I love acting, I love the business. It's so much fun."

Impression of Covington): My 1st impression of Covington would be ‘Wow! This town is so cute! Reminds me of Marietta Square!' I love it! The shops are amazing. I wish I lived closer to visit more."