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Susie Keck announces candidacy for East Ward Post Seat 2
Susie Keck

COVINGTON, Ga. - Susie Keck announced today that she has qualified to run for Covington City Council in the East Ward. 

Keck has been a long-time resident of Covington along with her husband of 44 years John. Keck is the mother of two children, Kristi and Logan, and a grandmother to six children ages 2 to 8.

She is retired from Tandus Centiva where she served the company as a commercial flooring specialist. Keck has been involved in many civic organizations and organized a fundraiser for a local family to help with travel costs for medical treatment of their child. Along with her family, Keck attends Covington First United Methodist Church. In her free time, Keck enjoys playing golf, traveling, and playing with her young grandchildren.  Keck has been active in many issues concerning the community.  Most recently she has been an active member of her neighborhood homeowners association. 

“I love Covington and the feeling of community it has,” she said. “It is my desire to be a part of protecting that community while continuing the positive growth we have seen in recent years. We find our community on the doorstep of extraordinary change.  We must be vigilant in protecting the sense of community so many appreciate about Covington. 

“With that consideration, my goal is to attract new businesses that will provide opportunities for the community as a whole.  I will represent all people considering the effect on everyone with every vote as a city council member.  My hope is to make Covington a place that our children and grandchildren want to stay to raise their families. Growth is coming and we must be wise in how we allow for growth while protecting the charm so many appreciate about Covington.”

Changes Keck would like to see as a member of the city council is the contentious issue of pensions for elected officials that were recently discussed. 

“One of my first objectives is to work to remove the pension for elected officials with the city.  We cannot in good conscience have elected officials carving out special benefits for themselves while the city employees are not offered the same benefits,” she said. “It is my belief that the honor to serve this great community should be enough reward for anyone that serves, and a pension for elected officials is not a responsible use of the citizen’s tax dollars.”

Another issue that Keck said is important to her was being an advocate for businesses throughout the city. 

“My goal is to be a champion for all businesses,” she said. “Covington is vibrant and the heartbeat of Newton County.  We must recognize that businesses throughout the city are doing their best to provide for their families and employees. The council should not be a roadblock to success for any business owner, company, or entrepreneur.”

Keck will enter the race against longtime incumbent Chris Smith.  With a victory in November Susie Keck would be the first woman elected in the East Ward in decades.