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RaceWay station demolition under way
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Demolition began today on the RaceWay gas station on U.S. Highway 278, and it could reopen within 90 days.

Madison Industries, a Conyers-based construction company, tore down the pump canopy Friday, and the demolition work on the convenience store will begin next week, according to Field Supervisor Louis Overby.

The convenience store will be replaced by a six-module, pre-constructed building. In addition, the gas station will add pumps and extend the canopy, Overby said.

The station has been vacant since a fire gutted the retail store section in May 2010. The RaceWay chain is owned by RaceTrac Petroleum. RaceTrac convenience stores are company owned and operated, while RaceWay stores are leased to a third party operators, according to the company's website.