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More in store for 2016 fireworks show

The Covington City Council unanimously approved an total expenditure of $30,000 for the 2016 Fourth of July Fireworks show. Robert Foxworth, a Newton County resident and longstanding partner in the event on the Covington Square, committed to raising $20,000.

Foxworth raised $17,500 for the 2015 fireworks display, and Covington contributed $10,000. In 2014, the display cost a total of $20,000. Monday’s vote is for the overall contract, and does not reflect the total amount Covington will have to pay. Foxworth has committed to the council to raise more than 50 percent of the funds.

“I believe I can raise $20,000,” Foxworth said. “I work really hard to do this. I’ve come through every year, and hopefully I can come through again.”

Each year, Foxworth has tried to increase the size and scope of the fireworks show that brings thousands to Covington and Newton County. During Monday’s council meeting, Foxworth again said he wanted the upcoming show to be the biggest yet.

“This year we’re committing to it earlier, we’ll get the pick of the litter,” Foxworth said. “We’re going to change it up and get even better.”

New roof for fire station

Covington Fire Station 21 will get a new roof after the city council unanimously accepted a bid of $41,880 from Atlanta Fire and Restoration Monday.

Atlanta Fire and Restoration’s bid was the lowest of four bids for a shingle roof. Four more bids were received for a metal roof.

The Covington City Council discussed the options of both a shingle and metal roof at a recent work session, and ultimately opted for the shingle option.

The life expectancy of a metal roof is believed to be 40 years, and the expectancy of a shingle roof is estimated at 30 years. The 10 year difference is offset by the cost of having to replace a damaged deck to install the metal roof.

The lowest bid for a metal roof was $62,700 by A + Roofing.

Legion Field restroom
The restrooms at Legion Field will be constructed by Atlanta Fire and Restoration after a unanimous approval of an $80,667.57 bid Monday.

Resurfacing grant

The Covington City Council unanimously approved a Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) to help with the cost of milling and resurfacing streets, with a 30 percent match.

Covington is eligible for LMIG funds of $125,197.27. Funds of $37,559 are required from Covington to make the total amount of the funds available, $162,756.45.

The grant will be used for Ivey Street, beginning at Carroll Street and ending at West Street; Hillcrest, beginning at North Street and ending at Echolls Street; Green Acres, beginning at Petty Street and ending at Pineneedle Drive; Misty Lane, beginning at Monticello and ending at Petty Street; Hazel Street, beginning at Floyd Street and ending at Newton Drive; Conyers Street, beginning at the railroad and ending at Dearing Street; Hannah Street, beginning at Newton Drive and ending at Hwy. 278 and Corey Street.