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BELTON: Truth is being inverted
Belton, Dave
State Rep. Dave Belton

It is sad that we live in a world today, where Truth is so inverted; where some people lie so much that others believe the opposite of reality.

This year, Jews in America have experienced over 8000 racist attacks.

Last week, Iran preemptively launched 300 missiles at Israel.

Yet activists respond to Iran’s attack on Israel by stopping traffic in support of the terrorists who attacked Israel.

Israel is not committing genocide.

It is the Arab and Persian nations surrounding Israel that are committing genocide.

Yet, Israel is being accused of the very thing that the her enemies are actually doing.

For all their talk of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we are currently seeing the worst anti-Semitism in America in hundreds of years – especially in our universities.

These pro-terrorist activates are chanting “Death to America” as they ask for the extinction of an entire people.

What’s inclusive about that?

None of these protestors ask for the release of the hostages. Nor are they pressuring Egypt to save the Palestinians by letting them cross their shared border.

Instead, they shout racist hate speech and praise terrorists that murder innocents and rape women and cook infants alive.

Ivy League professors and students are calling Jews pigs. Their rhetoric is so vile and the situation is so perilous, that the President of Columbia University begged the NYPD to step in because of “the clear and present danger” of her own students.

The lunatics are literally running the asylum.

Where is the FBI? Where is the CIA?

They imprisoned a woman who was praying in front of the capitol for a year. They target Catholics and people who buy Bibles.

Where are they, when thousands of activists are shouting for the demise of our nation?

20 percent of citizens in Israel are Arabs. These Arabs are full citizens who would rather live in a Jewish state than a Muslim nation. There are Arab soldiers, legislators, and even Supreme Court justices in Israel.

There are virtually no Jews or Christians in most other Middle Eastern nations.

The craziest thing about the whole debate is the LBTQ+ community.

Virtually all Muslim nations in the Middle East outlaw same-sex relations. It’s illegal. They kill or imprison LBTQ+ people. This is true in Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen…and Palestinian Gaza…among many others. In Iran, they hang women for not covering up their hair.

In fact, Israel is the ONLY nation in the Middle East that supports LGBTQ+ rights. Tel Aviv is famous for its massive annual “Pride Parade”.

So…why is the LGBTQ+ community against Israel?

Did you know that over 600,000 people were recently murdered in Ethiopia?

Did you know that some 62,000 black Christians were just murdered by Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa militias?

Where is the outrage for these people?

You’ll never see it, because these tragedies don’t fit the narrative of the Left…or their cronies in the Mainstream Media.

Yet, the same Left and the same Media condemns Jews for defending themselves.

Yes, Biden is finally talking sanctions again. That’s a good thing.

It was his ill-advised lifting on our previous sanctions on the number-one-state-sponsor-of -terrorism (Iran) that started this horror in the first place. Biden’s odious retreat from Afghanistan (leaving terrorists $82B of our weapons) and his decision to equip Iran with some $90B is the cause of most of this recent grief. So, I’m glad he is (finally) considering sanctioning Iran.

But if Biden wants to get serious, he’ll sanction Iran’s oil supply.

The terrorist attacks will diminish when the terrorists are out of money.

That should be obvious.

Dave Belton is a former state representative for District 112, which includes portions of Morgan and Newton counties.