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Man pulls bait and switch at Taco Bell on U.S. Highway 278
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 Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Taco Bell in regards to a theft after a man made off with $97 after confusing an employee.

 According to reports a man came in and paid for his food with $100 bill. When the employee counted back the man’s change ($97) he reportedly told the woman to give him back the $100, that he had $3 on him and didn’t need to break the larger bill.

 The employee reportedly told officers that she had already handed the man his $97 in change but that she handed him back the $100 so that he had a total of $197 in his hand. The man allegedly fumbled around in his pocket, as if he were trying to recover the $3 he said he had but was unable to do so.

 He then reportedly told the employee he had to use the restroom and left the counter with the money. The employee allegedly told officers she became sidetracked by other customers and the man had left the restaurant with the money before she realized it.

 The only description the employee could give officers of the man was a light-skinned black male with "messed up bottom teeth."