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LIST: Covington roads that stay bad
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The city of Covington developed a list of problem roads during snow and ice; many of these roads receive a lot of shade and don't get enough sun to melt snow and ice.

Street Location
1. Alcovy Rd. - Shadow of I-20 bridge
2. Alcovy Rd. - Shadow of CSX overpass
3. Alcovy Rd. - North bound lanes at Agnew Way
4. Avenue of Champions
5. Briscoe St.
6. Brown Bridge Rd. - Turner Lake Rd. to City Limit (includes cutoff)
7. Brown St. - At Clark St.
8. City Pond Rd. - Roberts Way to Williams Rd.
9. City Pond Rd. - Shaded area near CWA Building
10. Clark St. - Hendricks St. to Monticello St.
11. Clark St. - Emory St. to Roundabout
12. College Ave. - Church St. to Elm St.
13. Collier St.
14. Conyers St.
15. Crestview Dr.
16. Dearing St.
17. S. Emory St. - Washington St. to Ivy St.
18. Flat Rock Trail - Dogwood Ct. to Forest Dr.
19. Floyd St. - Church St. to Elm St.
20. Geiger St. - S.R. 81 to Carlton Trail
21. Hendricks St.
22. Herring St. - South side at warehouse adjacent to curb near Odum St.
23. Hill St.
24. Industrial Dr. - Shaded area parallel to I-20
25. Ivy St. - Emory St. to Monticello St.
26. Lackey St.
27. Laseter St. - Petty St. to Strong St.
28. Lochridge Industrial Blvd. - North entrance at 4 lane to 2 lane transition
29. Lochridge Industrial Blvd. - South end between Dentist Office and Michelin Tire
30. Newton Dr. - Mill St. to eastern entrance to Sharp
31. Old Atlanta Hwy. - Emory St. to West St.
32. Old Atlanta Hwy. - I-20 bridge west to curve
33. Petty St. - Laseter St. to Peoples St.
34. Pineneedle Dr. - Greenway Cove to Green Acres Dr.
35. Reynolds St. - Hendricks St. to Oak St.
36. Robinson St.
37. Scenic Parkway
38. Stallings St. - Hunter St. to Pace St.
39. Usher St. - Lee St. to Hendricks St.
40. Usher St. - Pace St. to Elm St.
41. Washington St. - Hendricks St. to Church St.
42. Westview - Dr. At Brown Bridge Rd.
43. Westview - Dr. South of Lakeview Dr.
44. Wheat St. - Industrial Blvd. to Hazelbrand Rd.
45. Wheat St. - Shaded areas between Industrial Blvd. and Adams St.
46. Williams Rd. - City Pond Rd. to City Limit
47. Williams St. - Hill at Water Plant
48. Willow Green Ct.