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Henderson announces candidacy for West Ward Post 3
Anthony Henderson

COVINGTON, Ga. – Covington Resident Anthony Henderson recently qualified and announced his candidacy for Covington City Council West Ward Post 3.

“I was born and raised in Post 3 West Ward on Puckett Street in Nelson Heights,” Henderson said. “I am the fourth out of five boys of parents J.C. and Sandy Henderson.”

Henderson attended Eastside High School, where he set many records in basketball and had an impact in and out of school with the class of 2014 being the last football team to beat Newton High School. After graduation, he attended college Tuskegee University and Limestone College before starting a career at Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) as a detention officer to serve his community.

Prior to joining NCSO, Henderson volunteered at local food drives, visited senior citizen homes and was active with helping youth at the Nelson Heights Community Center by tutoring kids ages kindergarten to 12th grade.

“It's been amazing helping and volunteering in the community, just seeing growth and results from my help gave me the faith to run for city council,” Henderson said. “It was a hard decision because I knew the challenges I would face, but every night I prayed about it in my heart I never got a bad feeling. I felt like God was telling me to go for it.”

Henderson said if elected he hopes to change the fact that 86 percent of children in the West Ward receive a free and reduced meal, which could mean the kids are not fed after they leave school and return home.

“It made me want to be the voice for the kids and families who want help but are not able to get it,” he said. “It gave me the heart to help others regardless of their situations. I knew it was time for someone to give the kids and families in the Post 3, West Ward a different view and hope.

“My platform for Post 3, West is to secure the future for the youth, take care of the senior citizens and bring resources to Post 3, West Ward. I will do that by working with the City of Covington Council, Mayor and the Newton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to upgrade the parks in Post 3 West. I will get leaders from different fields and bring them together at all the local community centers to give the kids tips on what they will have to do to pursue their dreams and goals. I will work with the City of Covington Council, Mayor and the Newton BOC to improve the roads in the Post 3 West and add sidewalks, so the kids will not have to ride bikes on the roads and so families with no transportation will have a safe place to walk. I want to create an assistance program for the senior citizens to help supply their daily needs and so they can have more sites to receive assistance.”

Henderson said he wants to have a job fair at least once a year in Covington.

“I believe the youth is a critical part of the community, we must realize how we lead the youth will follow,” he said. “I'm led by God and I'm ready to help families regardless of their race, religion or belief. I want to work together, I want to help. I believe Together we can win. I'm ready to move the community forward.”

Henderson said anyone with questions could contact him by phone at 470-227-3700 or email at