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Frozen in Newton (slideshow)
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As arctic air blew across Newton County this morning people were bundling up as the temperatures dipped in the lower teens, and wind chills reached single digits.

With my cameras in hand I headed out to try and capture a frozen Newton County. 

From this photographer's perspective, small ice crystals were clinging to the plants, and leaves glistened in the morning sun from the overnight frost. Many Georgia counties delayed school due to the frigid weather, however Newton County students still had to make their way to school bundled up.

Newton County residents who did face the bitter cold to reach school waited in cars with parents until the buses arrived. Around the Covington Square, there were less people walking around in the early morning hours. Throughout the county, standing water and outlying areas of small streams were frozen over.

According to Newton County officials there were no incidents from the weather which brought wind chills in the single digits.

 The winter chill has many of us looking forward to the upcoming spring with just a mere 71 days till we can unpack our flip flops and short sleeves. Today however it's heavy coats, scarves, gloves, insulated hats and a large cup of coffee.