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City to discuss parties, event fees
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The Covington City Council will hold a workshop at 6 p.m. Monday in the City Hall conference room to talk about several things that have been essentially put off until now.

The list includes road closures and event fees, the use of Legion Field, “incentive structures for utility services,” and an “industrial growth rider.”

The latter two are tools the city uses to entice industries and businesses to town. Both are extensions of existing ordinances.

The road closures and event fees discussion is the culmination of the slew of requests for private and public parties the city has received this year. One was to close a road for a man’s 90th birthday party. Others have been to close the Square for fundraisers and a loosely described women’s event with a witches theme.

The idea is to get details on how such closures should be governed, and if and when fees should be charged. The overtime necessary for police presence at events has been mentioned at past council meetings.

Legion Field, likewise, has been requested for use by various groups, most recently for a circus that was denied by the City Council. The workshop will be used to set the rules by which the field can be used and if and when fees should be charged, including for cleanup.

The workshop is open to the public.