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Upgrading to 'Scoops 2.0'
scoops 2.0
Two scoops of ice cream, signifying Scoops 2.0, shown in front of Scoops, located in the Covington square. - photo by Submitted Photo

COVINGTON, Ga. — The popular ice cream shop Scoops, located on the square in Covington, will be closed for three weeks starting on Sunday, Jan. 5, for renovation.

The renovation process will be completed by Monday, Jan. 27, according to Owner Susan Kirk. Rest assured though, the renovation  — which has been called "Scoops 2.0" — will be worth the wait as the shop will receive new countertops, cabinets and floors. 

Kirk shared more exciting news about the renovation, which she considered "the best part" of the process. Scoops will kick-start their mobile app when the shop reopens for business.

"So now on a Friday night — or whenever — when there's 30 people in line waiting in line to try flavors, if you want a chocolate shake, you can order online," Kirk said. "If you order on the app, you'll be able to walk through the door and go straight ahead, to the left of the chocolate case, there will be a pick-up counter."

The app was created to help improve service on busy days, according to Kirk.

"I appreciate everyone waiting in line, but I know there's a better way now with the help and the technology," Kirk said. "I'm very excited."

As for deals for the grand reopening, Kirk was unable to provide more information; however, she advised customers to watch their social media accounts for a "few surprises."