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United Bank offers live teller machine
Thomas Kephart of United Bank shows off the bank’s new interactive automated teller machines - photo by Kayla Robins

A local bank has made great strides in providing cutting-edge technology and brand new services to customers.

United Bank in Covington launched two new Interactive Teller machines last week as a way to provide convenient banking at more accessible hours.

The bank, located at 7200 U.S. 278, has “made great customer service a cornerstone for its organization, focusing on giving customers time-saving options to do their baking when, where and how they choose,” according to a press release.

Customers now can use a new technology that provides drive thru banking via a video interaction with its tellers, allowing for longer hours of teller service.

“In recent surveys, our customers asked for more technology, wanting to do their banking in a variety of ways,” said Thomas Kephart, president of United Bank in Covington. “Our new Interactive Teller machine (ITM) is a convenient way to do your banking, any day of the week, from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.”

The new teller machines resembles an ATM but does so much more. Customers connect and communicate with a live teller located at the bank’s call center in Zebulon, Georgia, which is 50 miles away. They can make deposits with checks or cash, they can cash checks, and they can make payments. The ITM dispenses both cash and coin, does not require a deposit slip and does not use a debit card.

Customers can complete “nearly any transaction without leaving the comforts of their vehicle, seven days a week.” The machine is not equipped to handle large business transactions, nor can it accept coins for deposit or payment.

“There is no need to rush to the bank anymore,” Kephart said. “Today’s technology allows us to accept your deposits until 11 p.m. through these devices for same-day business posting.”

Deposits and payments made on weekends or holidays will be posted on the following business day.
United Bank has deployed 15 ITMs across its footprint in drive thru lanes that were previously serviced by pneumatic tubes.

Kephart added, “It is a perfect blend of technology and great customer service.”