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Supporter spotlight: Current Events
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Chris and Teri Haler met while attending the Atlanta Art Institute in pursuit of careers in graphic design. Finding each other through their passion for their art, they married a year after graduation and eventually went into business together.

Leaving college, they took separate jobs in the same field, graphic design and video.

But after the terrorist attacks of 2001, and the ensuing economic downturn, they found that they needed to take matters into their own hands to remain in the field of their passion.

"We were both working for corporate America," said Chris. "So when the economy turned, it was either create our own business or find another means of survival."

So, they started Current Events, 1128 Floyd St.

The business offers an array of services, including video production, graphic design (both print and Web), and film, audio and picture transfer.

Their primary retail product is video transfer, a service that is unique in northern Georgia. Any eight millimeter film, whether it’s from the 1980s or the 1920s, can be transferred to DVD. The film is first physically restored before it is captured on the computer.

"We’re preserving home memories," said Chris Haler. "This applies to film, video, photos and audio — cassette or eight-track tapes."

They also film family events like birthday parties and weddings, a particular favorite of Teri Haler.

"You really get to use your creativity to document and capture young couples’ special day," she said. "You get to become a part of their journey on the first day of their lives together. Hopefully it can be something they look back on as they grow as a couple."

"One of the most fun we had was filming a Sweet 16 party," recalled Teri. "It was at a mansion and there were three stories of parties … They actually submitted the video to MTV’s Sweet 16, but I’m not sure what came of that ... It was tough to try to be everywhere at once, but it was fun."

They have been in business since 2002, first working from their home. As the demand for film and audio preservation grew, the Halers moved into a facility on Pace Street, then into their current location on Floyd Street, where they’ve been in business for five years.

He works behind the scenes and concentrates on production while she keeps the books and serves as the face of the business.

Current Events is working with the Newton College and Career Academy campaign to build their brand and launch their website. The school is set to open in 2012.