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Manufacturing in Newton County employs thousands
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Newton County continues to grow, attracting retail shops and industrial and manufacturing plants. The products made here range from the fibers used to make disposable diapers to dry cereals to golf balls.

Many of the plants are considered state-of-the-art. Last year, Michelin Tread Technologies upgraded its site in Covington to allow burn off of volatile organic compounds (VOC), making the plant more environmentally friendly. VOCs released in to the air can combine with nitrogen oxides to form ground-level ozone. The new technology Pactiv Corporation, Covington, was opened in 1984 and employees almost 500 people. The company makes packaging for food service industries, and grocery and convenience stores.

Bard Urological Division, Covington, was established in 1967 and employs over 500 people. The company manufactures health care products for urological procedures such as catheters, trays and other tools.

Specialty Yarn and Converting in Porterdale has been in operation since 1917. Recently purchased by Continental tires, it engineers textiles such as rubber thread and yarns. The plant employs over 200 people.

Oldcastle Glass, Covington, opened in 1981 and employs over 100 people. The plant creates custom-engineered curtain and window walls, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.

Guardian Automotive, Covington, was opened in 1969 and is responsible for creating decorative automotive trims and insulated glass. It employs 310 people.

FiberVisions, Covington, employs 225 people and opened in 1967. The plants makes the fibers, called polypropylene staple fibers, that go in to the making of disposable mops and dust cloths, disposable diapers and feminine products.

General Mills is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. The Newton County plant makes dry cereal and employs 400 people. It opened here in 1989.

International Storage, Covington, makes metal shelving and storage products at its Covington plant. Opened in 1986, it employs 150 people.

SKC, Inc., Covington makes polymer and polyester film used in packaging, industrial, imaging, electrical, bio-compostable and solar applications. Production began in the spring of 1999, using cutting edge robotics and technology designed and engineered to transition into the 21 Century. The Newton County plant employs 331 people.

Clarion Metals Corporation, Covington, is a full-service metal stamping plant with tool and die, engineering, subassembly and special packaging capabilities. Opened in 1989, it employs 180 people.

Bridgestone Sports, Covington, makes golf balls and assembles golf clubs at its Newton County plant. The plant opened in 1989 and employs 172 people.

Beaver Manufacturing in Mansfield opened in 1971 and makes yarns used to reinforce hoses. The company employs 140 people.

SGD Glass, based in France, has a branch plant in Newton County where they make and decorate luxury glass bottles for cosmetics and perfumes. The company opened its Covington branch in 1996 and employs 290 people.

Nisshinbo Automotive Manufacturing, Inc., Covington, is a state-of-the-art facility that opened in 1997. The 325 employees make molded disc pads for braking system.

Rock Tenn in Covington opened in 1972 and employs 110 people. The company makes corrugated and fiber boxes.

Michelin Tread Technologies, Covington, was upgraded to allow burn off of VOCs before being released into the air. The plant, which opened in 1999, manufactures tires. Leftover rubber tread is recycled.

Contract Packaging, part of Kelly Products, manufactures and packages for chemical companies by formulating small package production and distribution of insecticides, pool and spa cehcmicals, and wildlife scents and attractants.