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Cash Mob targets Noring Farms
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The U.S. Small Business Network is spearheading an initiative in Newton County called Small Business Fridays with its first target being Noring Farms on Floyd.

This Friday, Noring Farms on Floyd will be "cash mobbed" between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Noring Farms on Floyd is an organic food store with fresh produce and foods from local farmers.

Each Friday, a group of people will "cash mob" a small business in the community.

"With its roots found in a "flash mob," it involves groups of neighbors organizing to target one specific small business so as to create some cash infusion for that business owner during specific hours," said Marlon Brammer of U.S. Small Business Network in an email. "Typically, mobbers would be asked to spend up to $20 during the mob at the business."

Brammer said the community benefits from the initiative as well.

"The business owner is encouraged to in turn support a local charity which serves that community," Brammer said. "Therefore, the entire community benefits as we support local small business owners."

The USSBN has been sponsoring the "cash mobs" to bring awareness to small business which otherwise may not have the reach and exposure it really needs, Brammer said.

"As a fellow small business owner, I realize how difficult it can be to reach customers," Brammer said. "Choosing Newton County was easy because, firstly, I'm a resident of Newton County. Secondly, Newton has so much to offer to its residents who are spread all across the county and often end up commuting to neighboring communities to conduct business or work."

For Brammer, it was an easy decision for Noring Farms on Floyd to be the first small business for the "cash mob."

"They seem to promote locally grown products from local vendors," Brammer said. "The setting is excellent for an outdoor organic experience with food and meeting new friends. Once we saw these qualities, we told the owners that we will be cash mobbing the farm. We're excited and thrilled that they were great about it."