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Buy Local: Coldwell Banker Gerri Murphy Realty
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Gerri Murphy Realty

Address: 1123 Washington Street, Covington

Phone: (770) 787-8400


If it’s a piece of realty — no matter the type — the agents at Gerri Murphy Realty can sell it. New, undeveloped property, or classic historic property have all been sold under their stewardship, and they’ll sell any manner of real estate.

Associate Broker Cathy Dobbs has sold a wide variety of real estate in her six years at Gerri Murphy Realty. The strangest she has sold, she said, was for a church in Rockdale.

"It’s always interesting when you sell historic property," Dobbs said. "There’s a lot of history there; it always make it interesting to sell."

The 15 agents at Gerri Murphy Realty, part of the nation-wide Coldwell Banker, sell all sorts of real estate. They sell residential properties, commercial estate, condominiums, land lots and, yes, even churches. They sell property of all ages, and many times have moved historic pieces of prime real estate.

Gerri Murphy Realty opened in Covington in 1992 and has faithfully served the surrounding area for 17 years. Their office is located at 1123 Washington Street.

There is no cost to place a listing with the company. The cost of the sale is taken out at closing, and agents negotiate a commission rate, and any special kind of advertising that the customers want at the beginning.

"For an agent, it’s kind of like gambling," Dobbs said. "You spend money on advertising, and time, hopefully showing the place. If it sells, you get paid, and if not, then you don’t get a penny for the time and money you already spent."

Anyone interested in selling with Gerri Murphy Realty can get his property into a listing by calling their office at (770) 787-8400. There is always an agent on duty during their normal works hours, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and any calls received after hours are forwarded to the agent on duty. An agent is on duty at all times.

Listings can also be added through their Web site,

Currently, 83 different properties are listed on their Web site. Many properties are located in the Covington area, though some homes in places such as Mansfield, Snellville and Lithonia are also listed.

Each home has its location and price clearly listed and included are accurate and detailed descriptions of the property. The listings usually also include a photo. Digital maps on the site also point out where each piece or property is located, as well as which school it is near.

The dedicated agents at Gerri Murphy Realty continually strive, even in tough economic conditions like these, to sell the properties they are entrusted with.

"You work hard to try to get the properties sold," Dobbs said. "It’s a buyers market right now, and we’re doing everything we can to get it out there."