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Merchants should think locally too
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Last week, we wrote about the virtue of shopping locally. In that editorial, locals were encouraged to spend money here instead of heading up the road and spending it in another community.

We still encourage folks to shop at home. We do now and we will continue to do so.

A shop locally campaign is a two-edged sword. Not only should residents buy what they can here at home, the local merchant that wants our local folks to spend money with them needs to be an equal part of the shop at home equation.

To have a successful local business requires that the business owner promote his product and to be as much involved in the community as he or she has time to be.

We have seen too many times, in too many communities, where an entrepreneur comes in, sets up shop, spends no money on promotion and makes no attempt to get involved in the community.

Of these businesses, 99 percent failed the first year, leaving the failed business owner mad and disgruntled at everyone but himself.

We are fortunate in our community to have a majority of our businesses realize that in order to grow, survive and prosper they have had to promote and be involved.

We encourage our local business owners if you are not already doing so, to get involved with the chamber and the Main Street program. Get involved with any organization you feel comfortable with, but please get involved.

Your neighbors will notice your efforts, and they will come to your business and spend their money.

That type of community partnership is good for all of us.