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Man arrested for domestic disturbance, then for drugs in the same afternoon
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On July 14, a Covington native was arrested twice in the same afternoon.

His first arrest was the result of a domestic disturbance, and the second was for possession of marijuana and criminal trespassing, after he knocked out the window on his wife's house.

According to Covington Police Department reports, John Stone was arrested after his wife called complaining she was in fear for her safety.

Responding CPD officer Doug Allen arrived on the scene to find Stone acting frantic with alcohol on his breath.

After hearing both sides of the story, Stone was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Stone was released after he bonded himself out after being held at the Newton County Detention Center for nearly two hours.

According to the CPD police report, Stone then showed up to his wife's house around 10 p.m. to retrieve some of his clothes.

After repeatedly knocking on the door and not receiving an answer, Stone knocked out the back door window.

Once Stone received his belongings and left the residence, his wife notified the police of the incident saying her husband had come back to the house after he had previously been asked to stay away.

Responding CPD officer Kevin Cribb spotted Stone traveling down Newton Drive in his red truck and initiated a traffic stop.

Immediately exiting his vehicle, Stone began walking toward Cribb's patrol car shouting he only wanted to get his clothes.

Stone was asked about his bleeding hand by police after he calmed down.

He stated he only had tapped on the window causing it to shatter. Stone was arrested and placed in the back of the patrol car.

During a routine search of Stone's truck, Cribb found two large Ziploc bags full of marijuana.

Police also found a Folgers coffee can, a tin peanut container, a Country Crock Plus plastic container and a plastic bag containing loose marijuana leaves.

According to the police report, when Stone's wife was asked about the marijuana, she said that it belonged to him and that she put it in his truck along with his clothes because she didn't want it in her house.

Also present at the time of the incidents were three children, a 9-, a 4- and a 3- year old who confirmed the story of Stone's wife.

Stone was then taken to the Newton County Detention Center where he was charged with criminal trespass under the Family Violence Act as well as a felony marijuana charge.