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Blossoming downtown
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The Potting Shed - a unique local nursery that sells custom-designed mixed planters - has changed locations, moving to the heart of historic Covington on Floyd Street.

Prior to taking up residence in the refurbished Thrift Oil Company building, the nursery was located at The Farm and Garden Depot on U.S. Highway 278.

"We just thought this would be a better location," said Nicole Rushin, owner of The Potting Shed.

The Potting Shed provides all of the items necessary for potted gardens including a variety of containers, flowers, plants and soil which are put together on-site to create a unique portable garden. Customers can purchase containers at the nursery or bring their own.

"We started [The Potting Shed] to combat the drought because [container plants] are easier to care for," Rushin said adding, "Container planting is a huge industry."

In times of drought, especially, a switch to container planting is a great way to save water while at the same time reaping the benefits of a colorful and fragrant garden. Because all of the soil is contained in the one planter, plant moisture is efficiently maintained.

Rushin said there is no labor charge for the potting of containers purchased at The Potting Shed. Previously purchased containers from the nursery can be refilled seasonally with no labor charge. Customers who bring their own pots are charged a labor fee which ranges from $4 to $10, depending on the size of the container.

Pots that are larger than 16 inches are typically too heavy to bring to the nursery; in which case, The Potting Shed, for a minimum fee of $50 for the first hour, will travel to the customer's home or business to fill their container with soil and plants. There is a $30 labor fee for each additional hour on-site.

The Potting Shed offers a delivery service to Newton County businesses and residences and to surrounding counties. The nursery also offers free delivery to funeral homes if they are within Newton County.

Mixed planters start at $14 at the nursery. Pots range in price from $3 to more than $100. Containers come in a variety of colorful frost-proof glazes and shapes. Bird baths, benches and stone garden animals are also available for purchase.

"We only sell annuals, perennials and seasonal color," Rushin said of the flowers sold at The Potting Shed.

Herbs, hanging flower baskets and vegetable plants are sold as well. The nursery does not sell landscape trees or shrubs. Rushin said she will order-in specialty trees and shrubs that are small enough to be potted.

"If it can go in a pot, we'll get it," Rushin said.