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Thursday SEC games pointless
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The nation's finest conference kicked off week three of the college football last night with the LSU vs. Mississippi State game. How you you feel about SEC football on a Thursday night? Sure, it breaks up the work week and whets the appetite for a full Saturday of college football. But the Thursday night game is usually a casual affair, almost an afterthought - at least for SEC fans.

It's the game you glance at while having dinner at Houston's, or O'Charley's, or the Olive Garden. (Do they have TVs at the Olive Garden?) The TV is typically muted at the O'Charley's of the world because no one really cares about the game's outcome; you're just halfway glad it's on because, after all, it's college football.

So can someone please tell me why the SEC is acting like the ACC by participating in these Thursday night games? I think Georgia Tech of the ACC plays 85 percent of its games on Thursday nights. We are the Southeastern Conference, however, and don't need gimmicky Thursday night games to shine the national spotlight on our programs. I know you're with me, Kentucky fans.

With last night's game behind us as the week's only matchup between two ranked SEC squads, here's a look at select SEC teams heading into tomorrow's action. I say "select" because I have no idea what to write about the Arkansas vs. Troy game, for example, except that the Hogs better fatten up on the cupcakes while they can. They start the regular season next week at Alabama.

Here we go:
Tennessee vs. Florida: Vols quarterback Tyler Bray leads a surprisingly good looking Tennessee team into the Swamp. But it will be too much of that tacky orange and blue color scheme, too much of scat back Jeff Demps, and too many fans with names like "Rick" sporting tight-fitting, circa 1987 Gator attire. Flawwda takes this one.

Clemson vs. Auburn: This is really Auburn vs. Auburn or Clemson vs. Clemson. That"s because these schools are mirror images of each other except that Clemson's campus is on a lake. Both schools are the Tigers, both are in towns you wouldn't visit unless colleges were there, and 99 percent of the schools' alumni live in Atlanta. Clemson and Auburn might as well combine, and I propose that the new school be named Clemburn. In fact, I'll go ahead and take Clemburn in this one with a big win over the Tigers.

Coastal Carolina vs. Georgia: The Dawgs continue their "Play for Coach Richt's Job" campaign against the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. A chanticleer, according to Coastal Carolina, is a proud and fierce rooster who dominates the barnyard. Something tells me UGA picks up its first win of the season and won't drop back-to-back games against teams named for roosters.

Enjoy the games and best of luck to your SEC team this weekend. I may see you at O'Charley's for some football watching and roasted chanticleer.