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Sometimes we need to think before we write
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By now, you have probably read the column I wrote on deer hunting as a sport last week. It sparked a lot of debate. And while that was its sole intention, it went beyond the casual discussion I had hoped it would generate. That's my fault, and I apologize.

When I wrote it, it was intended to question the practice of hunting itself, not the need. It was mindless banter when thought was required. To all of you, know that what I was doing was merely writing for entertainment purposes. I ask all of you to take it as such. I apologize to you for being so extreme with such a sensitive issue.

I apologize to our advertisers for the negative attention and to the hunters in the community who go about the sport the right way. My criticism was not directed at any of you, nor was it meant to cause you any ill-feelings. I also apologize to the parents who have and want to submit their deer photos to our paper. I have in the past, and still do have every intention of running them. I understand hunting is a tradition many in this part of our country hold dear. You are important to us and our community.

As is sometimes the case in writing an opinion piece, I used an extreme illustration to make a point by comparing the shooting of deer to the shooting of people. In hindsight, I realize how out-of-line it was to do so. I understand why people would be upset at such a comparison. I'm upset at myself for doing it.

Sometimes when you write, you don't take everything into consideration. I won't stop giving my opinion in The News, I may just redirect those efforts into something more constructive. Maybe you have some suggestions. I take requests. I have always been a sports editor for this community who cares about the kids, the parents and the people, and that won't change. I still have much to give.