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Newtons Sneed signs scholarship with West Georgia Tech
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Newton High School senior Micah Sneed signed a two-year, full-ride scholarship Tuesday to play basketball at West Georgia Technical Junior College in Carrollton.

Sneed was a starting guard in her senior season and averaged 6.4 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists per game, but her true value came in her role of defensive stopper, Lady Rams coach Tiffani Johnson said.

“She was a role player for us and her biggest strength was her defense. She could run all day, and I would have her guard the other team’s best player,” Johnson said.

Sneed played for the team all four years, but was not a starter until her senior year when she stepped up to become a leader, Johnson said.

“Her freshman year, she was a typical freshman. She didn’t take things seriously, but now, as a senior, she is taking things seriously,” Johnson said. “She’s very appreciative now. She was one of the hardest workers and was mentally and physically strong.

“She’ll do well because she’s not afraid of hard work.”

Newton High Principal Craig Lockhart congratulated Sneed and said the signing represented what high school athletics are supposed to be about.

“You walk out of here with an opportunity and a future,” Lockhart said, adding that Sneed has been an outstanding role model.

Sneed thanked her teammates for pushing her to improve.

“You all helped me get here, working hard defensively and offensively,” Sneed said. “Thank you, guys; I didn’t think I would be sitting here.

“I know it was a rocky start, but thank you for your trust in me. I hope you all will be up here next year.”

Newton High athletic director Tracey Curtis said it’s great when a student can go to college and not have to pay anything out of pocket.

“If you believe and keep working, people will help you along the way and you can make it,” Curtis said.