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Newton Rams basketball hosts summer youth camp
Newton Basketball Youth Camp 2024

This past week, the Newton Rams basketball prorgram hosted its annual youth camp witht the mission of building the bond between the team and the county’s youth.

Newton’s youth camp took place the week of June 4 and was hosted in the Rams’ gym.

Led by head coach Barry Browner, the Rams wanted to maximizew the connection between the community and the team.

“The youth camp was a way to give back to the community of Covington, and allowing our players to be involved with younger campers who have watched them play and look up to them while they attend the games,” Browner said. “The camp was great to teach younger players and watch them develop. Newton County is so rich with talented athletes, and we just wanted to give and make sure they had a good time.” 

As to why the connection between the team and the community is imp[ortant, Browner spoke to his desire to bring the team closer with Newton County and get the youth aware about the program at a young age.

“I think it is very important to connect with our community. The loyal fans we have around the county is unlike anything I have seen in any other place.,” Browner said. “We love our community, and felt like having a camp was our way of saying thank you for your support. Watching the youth come in the gym was so cool. We want them to know where Newton is, and they all have a place here.”

In the camp, Browner wanted the kids to focus on the basics of the game while also holding competitions between the kids, players and coaches.

“We mainly worked on skill work, passing, dribbling [and] sharing the ball with their teammates,” Browner said. “They enjoyed three-on-three, and barbeque chicken — which is one on one. They love trying to beat the coaches in a game of knockout, which I lost everyday but it was fun. The speed dribble contest, and basketball relay were awesome too.”

Getting a chance to see his players be the teachers for a day was another highlight from Browner from the camp.

“They were awesome,” Browner said.  “They played with the kids, we all ate lunch together, the kids got a chance to ask them things and tell them what its like to be in high school, and play. The main thing was watching them grow as well, I was very grateful to them for wanting to volunteer their time.”