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Q&A with Alcovy football coach Chris Edgar
Alcovy coach Chris Edgar, left, looks on with Quendrelin Hammonds during a recent spring practice. - photo by Gabriel Stovall | The Covington News

TCN: Coach, how good does it feel for you guys to finally put the pads on and get on the field?

Edgar: “It’s good, you know. It’s so hard when all you’re doing is lifting weights and running, so getting out here is good. Great attitudes. I’ve given out about every piece of equipment I’ve got, which is a good problem to have. For the second year in a row, I’ll have to order out new equipment. But that’s good. That’s a sign of a building program. People want to be out here. I know that I’m dressing 79 (next) Saturday night (against Newton in the spring game). 

TCN: I know that both you and Newton coach Terrance Banks continue to stress that Saturday’s Spring Game is just a scrimmage. But does it still give you a unique opportunity to evaluate your team in a different way?

Edgar: “It really is, and I’m glad the GHSA allowed this to happen. Ever since I was playing, you know, that never happened. So it’s just the chance to go against somebody else and to see the things we’ve gotta work on all summer. That’ll be a great tool for us that we haven’t had in the past. And going in with a new offense, it’ll be good to give us a look at where we need to fine tune some things going into the summer.” 

TCN: Now you say you’re going to be calling plays this year in this offense, correct?

Edgar: “I am going to call the plays in the spring. And if it’s successful then we’ll roll with it into the fall. If it’s not, I’m not to proud to say that I need somebody, and I’ll hire that as soon as I can. I hired a guy, but he got a head job down in south Georgia, which is good for him. But we as a staff, offensively, we’re going to game plan the offense together. They all have a part in that.” 

TCN: Without giving away any scouting report advantages, talk about this new offense, and what makes it a bit different than before? 

Edgar: “We return 90 percent of our skill positions, and with that said, I want to be able to put our athletes in space and give our guys opportunities to be in one-on-one situations. So we’re gonna be spread out. We’re going back to shotgun. We’re going to try and be pretty balanced with the run and pass and try to give our guys opportunities. My goal is that everyone of those guys who can fly will touch the ball four or five times a game, and whoever’s hot, we’ll stay with em.” 

TCN: Who are some guys you’re looking for to have big gains this spring?

Edgar: “Out wide, I’m looking at Darius Bownes. He’s a 6-foot-2 guy. He came on last year, had some pretty nice catches last year. This offseason, he’s gone to a couple of combines. He ran a 4.6 (seconds in the 40-yard dash), and he’s jumped a 39-inch vertical. So I’m looking for him to take that next step. I’m looking for Cam Anderson as our quarterback to develop. He’s a sophomore this year. As far as (Quendrelin Hammonds), you’ll see him all over the place. He’ll be a quarterback, he’ll be a running back, he’ll be a receiver. We’re just gonna get him the ball. Up front, we’re looking at Jalen Banks. We have no linebackers who have taken varsity snaps last year, so we need Gavin Fletcher, Logan Wyatt. I think they’re capable, but just inexperienced guys.”