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PREP FOOTBALL: Alcovy QB Nick Simmons sees college offer as an 'answer to prayer'
Nick Simmons
Alcovy quarterback, Nick Simmons rushes for a touchdown in an October game against Lakeside-Evans. Simmons' 5-yard score would be the last offensive touchdown the Tigers would score for the season. -photo by Anthony Banks

COVINGTON, Ga. — Nick Simmons’ senior season didn’t end the way he envisioned it. But his offseason has gotten off to a great start. 

Simmons, a senior quarterback at Alcovy, took to Twitter on Sunday to share that he’d received his first scholarship offer from Birmingham Prep — something that likely guarantees Simmons an opportunity to play at the next level.

“Coach (Charlie) Dudley sent me a text asking me for all my information and film, and he said he will take a look at my film this week, and then, like 15 or 20 minutes later, he text me back and said my offer is in my email,” Simmons said. 

The 6-foot, 160-pound signal caller struggled, along with the entire Alcovy offense this season, to find any continuity or operate within any semblance of firepower, as it scored just one offensive touchdown in its last six games. Ironically, that score was a 5-yard run by Simmons in Alcovy’s 40-12 loss to Lakeside on October 11. 

For the season, Simmons completed close to 50 percent of his passes for 415 yards, although he failed to throw a touchdown pass. In fact, the entire Alcovy offense was void of completing a touchdown pass all season. 

Simmons’ production was split as he spent much of the 2018 season splitting time with Jaelen Campbell who transferred from Luella before the season began. Campbell completed 32 percent of his passes for 165 yards. Both quarterbacks combined to throw 12 interceptions. 

However, Dudley obviously saw enough from Simmons’ total body of work to deem him worthy of an offer. Simmons first took the reins of the offense in 2017 when he took over for injured started Cam Anderson. 

Through three and a half games where he was the predominant starter, Simmons completed 58 of 107 passes for 537 yards, seven touchdowns and just three interceptions. When given the opportunity, he’s consistently showed his competitive streak and ability to rally his team. 

Alcovy coach Chris Edgar had nothing but praise for Simmons. 

“I’ve said this all along,” Edgar said. “Nick has the heart of a lion. Sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of him. But he’s an emotional person, so that’s to be expected. I’ve told him this year that this season was rough, but to keep your head up and keep fighting. You’ll get your chances and opportunities.” 

And Simmons is excited to be extended an opportunity to the Birmingham, Alabama post-grad prep and JUCO program. 

“God answered my prayers,” Simmons said. “I thought that this past season was going to mess me up, getting an offer, but I gave it all to God, and he came through and blessed me.” 

Now that he’s had a couple of weeks to look back on the end of his Alcovy tenure, Simmons said he’s grateful for what he experienced, despite facing a litany of adversity that including trying to acclimate to a new offense, seeing his offensive coordinator get dismissed midseason, a perhaps somewhat unexpected quarterback competition and injury. 

None of it stopped him from doing all he could to get, and stay, on the field. In fact, he appeared in Alcovy’s last game of the season, literally hours after getting a cast on his arm removed and being approved to play by doctors. 

“I just wanted to be out there fighting for my brothers,” Simmons said. “I never want to let them down. We tried our best to fight all that adversity, but we just couldn’t overcome it.” 

Simmons passed out thanks to various members of his coaching staff, including coach Frazier and coach Davis, as well as Edgar. 

“Coach Edgar was behind me the whole time,” he said. “Coach Frazier was behind me the whole time, and so was Davis. They all believed in me.” 

Now, Simmons says the hardships of the season gave him a simple piece of advice to pass along to others who may find themselves in similar situations while playing the game of football. 

“Never give up,” he said. “Never give up on something you love.”