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Phillips right on Point

“It feels like a dream. This has been in my mind since the beginning of my football career in high school and I just never thought I’d get to this day. It’s amazing,” – Chance Phillips

Chance Phillips wanted to sign his letter of intent on National Signing Day, like all the “big time” football players do, but for Chance that wasn’t in the cards. However, on Friday morning, Chance Phillips made it official and signed with Point University, where he will continue his football career.

“It feels like a dream,” Phillips said. “This has been in my mind since the beginning of my football career in high school and I just never thought I’d get to this day. It’s amazing.”

The decision was long, but prayer helped Chance and his family.

“It was a long road,” said Chad Phillips, Chance’s father. “He’s been through a lot, us as family, but he was able to channel everything through his football. That’s how he used football as a relief, letting everything go on the field.”

Chad used to coach Chance in little league, along with Newton’s assistant coach Tony Collins, and says that his son has grown tremendously.

“He’s had a lot of good people in his life so as a player he’s been one of those people that just kept digging in the ditches. [He] wouldn’t get to play every play, that’s fine. When [he’s] out there [he’s] gonna give it 100 percent,” Chad Phillips said. “Just as a person he’s grown from being the President of the FCA here for the school, team captain his senior year and just trying to keep the underclassmen motivated as well, through the tough years that we’ve had here of losing two consecutive years. Last year we had the one win, it’s tough to keep morale up, but he kept in there.”

When Chance visited the first time, he came away really liking the campus and the atmosphere at Point. It helped that his sister goes to Point, and that the team was steadily getting better, going 9-3 last year.

“It just felt like it was home when I was there,” Chance Phillips said.

By looking at his film, the Point University coach told him he could be, by far, one of the best recruits coming in at receiver and said he could be used successfully at Point.

“I wanna be one of the impact players on the team and be able to make a stand for myself and actually be recruited by other [colleges], maybe transfer out later on. I just see many open paths from here,” Chance Phillips said.

Chance wasn’t alone on when he signed. His teammate, Erin McCalpine signed to Bacone too. Tigers’ coach Kirk Hoffman spoke highly of the two teammates, as they prepare for their future.

“Both of ‘em have done an outstanding job of just growing into young men. I tell you what, I thought both of ‘em — you know, recruiting’s kind of gotten out of hand a little bit at the college level and both of them, they did it the right way,” Hoffman said. “They took their time and a lot of people get hung up on that first Wednesday in February, both of ‘em took their time and found schools that were a good fit for them. It’s not just, am I signing, but is it a place that I feel comfortable with? So I’m proud for both em.”

“He’s a leader,” Hoffman said, referring to Chance. “He was our team captain voted on by the kids, which says an awful lot. Great hands and a kid that’s committed and gonna do the right things because he’s a high-character type kid.”