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Navin Thomas signs to play college football for Georgia Knights
Navin Thomas
Navin Thomas signing his national letter of intent in Alcovy's auditorium on April 25. - photo by Phillip B. Hubbard

Alcovy’s Navin Thomas signed to the Georgia Knights on Thursday, April 25 to continue his football career at the next level.

Thomas signed alongside five other Alcovy players in the Tigers’ auditorium.

For Thomas, the signing meant that the effort from the last four years has come to fruition.

“It feels like the work I put in — it paid off,” Thomas said. “Taking great coaching from a great coaching staff and being self-guided to know what I have to do.”

One thing that Thomas harped on after the signing was the teaching and leadership he received from the Alcovy coaching staff.

“It was the guidance,” Thomas said. ‘They gave me a format and I utilized it. It was more of a love and guidance — someone to look up to.”

The future Knight played outside linebacker and nickel for head coach Spencer Fortson’s defense. 

As to why he played the position, Thomas noted it was as simple as  “being placed there by the coaching staff and growing a love for it.” 

When asked what he will miss the most, Thomas referenced the discussion on game days and the talks and how they impacted his view on himself and his future.

“It would have to be those Friday night conversations — those motivational speeches before the game,” Thomas said. “It really brought something out within me. Without football, how do I better myself as a man in the real world.”

Before Thomas officially suits up for the Knights, he gave some insight to what kind of player the program will be getting.

“They are getting a hard working player [and] a dedicated player — a brother,” Thomas said. “A person  that is going to do what they got to do when the task is at hand.”

Managing Editor Phillip B. Hubbard contributed to this article