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Josalyn Branch signs with Shorter University to continue track career
Josalyn Branch signing
Josalyn Branch signs the national letter of intent to run track at Shorter University on June 15 in Alcovy High School's media center. - photo by Phillip B. Hubbard

COVINGTON, Ga. — Josalyn Branch was a dual sport athlete during her four years as an Alcovy Lady Tiger. She played basketball in the winter season and immediately made her way to the track each spring.

Ultimately, though, Branch’s performance with Alcovy’s track and field team paved the way for a scholarship opportunity. So, on June 15 inside Alcovy High’s media center, Branch inked the national letter of intent to run track at Shorter University.

It was a day Branch won’t soon forget.

“Experiencing a signing day felt special because in the past I would’ve never thought I’d see the day to do it,” Branch said. “It’s definitely a moment that will be highlighted in my life forever.” 

Members of Branch’s family were present in addition to friends, teammates and coaches from the track and basketball teams. Everyone in attendance was given the chance and the majority of people sang Branch’s praises.

Afterward, Branch highlighted how her high school career has prepared her for competing on the college ranks.

“Academically, I was prepared by Newton County College and Career Academy,” Branch said. “But as far as track, Alcovy prepared me by building confidence & showing me that there will be competition out there no matter what I’m doing.”

Next up, Branch will enroll at Shorter University, which is located in Rome, Georgia, and join the track and field team in the fall.

Though Branch had other options to attend college, there was something that separated the Hawks in her decision-making process.

“I knew Shorter University would be the right choice for me because the coach stayed on top of things making sure that I got into the school,” Branch said. “He was very communicative and I felt like he wanted the best for me not only in athletics but academically, too.”

While Branch is excited for all the opportunities this next chapter holds, there are some bittersweet feelings.

Having now graduated from Alcovy High on May 24 and solidifying her next step, Branch will miss the camaraderie she has built the past four years.

“I will miss the people and environment the most about Alcovy track,” Branch said. “This year, it felt more like a family rather than people who just ran together. We laughed and practice consisted of getting better while having fun.”