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FOOTBALL: Five Things to learn from Alcovy-Rockdale
Andrae Robinson
Andrae Robinson runs in Alcovy's second score of the game. - photo by Anthony Banks

CONYERS, Ga. - The Alcovy Tigers seemed to be the more dominant team in the first half, but Rockdale found another gear in the later stages of the game and put the game out of reach.

The Tigers showed a lot of promise of what they could become but they still have a long way to go before becoming a stellar football team. There were plenty of positives in their Rockdale loss, but they still have a few areas they need to clean up to become the team they want to be.

5. Get to know Jaquez Snell

Snell led the captains out to the middle of the field and led the defense for the majority of the game. Snell was a big part in keeping the Bulldogs passing offense at bay with his two interceptions. Snell’s first interception came on a deflection and his awareness to locate the ball in the air, spin and take the ball 25 yards up the field was most impressive.

However, it was Snell’s second interception that really caught my eye as the opposing receiver got to the ball before him, but he was able to rip it from his hands for the pick.

What that tells me about Snell is that he has heart and he is passionate about his sport. Snell is the type of player that Alcovy should be proud to have and his will and determination should make him a great leader for the Tigers for the remainder of the season.

4. Make it happen in the Redzone

The Tigers had two great opportunities in the early stages of the game to put at the very least three points in the game but penalties, sacks and other negative plays pushed them out of field goal range. The Tigers have to find ways to get the ball moving forward in those field-shortened situations.

In a game that was only separated by one score, the Tigers need points in these situations and will have to find ways to get them in future games.

3. M.J. Stroud is special

Although he still has a long way to go before becoming a true threat with his arm, Stroud has shown the ability to make plays out of absolutely nothing. When plays break down, Stroud’s elite athletic ability allows him to either buy himself time to try and make a pass or to elude defenders and turn a seemingly negative play into positive yards with his leg.

Do not forget that Mr. Stroud is only a sophomore and future gleams ever bright as he continues to gain confidence.

2. Trust in your arm

M.J. Stroud has to put more trust in his arm and know that he can make plays with his arm. He started to put more confidence in his arm at the end of the game because he was put in situations where he had to throw the ball and he did find a way to make plays in those situations with his arm.

If he can get more comfortable with making those types of plays, then he will quickly find his way among the elite athletes in the area.

1.    Get Healthy

The Tigers were still missing their star running back Natorien Holloway from the field, but he could be back next week. The emergence of running backs Andrae Robinson and Rontravius Perry could lead to a dominant three-headed rushing attack that will be led by Holloway. Having the ability to rotate two running backs would be a huge advantage for them, but having three that all have a unique skill set could lead to an even stronger Alcovy offensive show.

Holloway’s potential return against a winless rival in Eastside may lead to a big night for the Tigers whole backfield if Perry and Robinson can find success similar to their performances against the Bulldogs.