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Security guard kidnapped, sexually assaulted in Conyers

CONYERS - Conyers Police (CPD) officers are currently looking for two individuals that kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted a security guard Monday night.

According to a press release from CPD, the attack occurred around 11:30 p.m. while the female guard was working security for filming company. CPD Sgt. Corey Hambrick says that it isn’t known if the company was filming at the time or if she was monitoring film equipment. 

The female guard was near the intersection of North Main Street and Milstead Avenue when she was abducted. The TV show “Sleepy Hollow” was being filmed at a nearby house on North Main Street on Monday and Tuesday. 

"She was sitting in her (black 2007 BMW 328i) when she was approached by two black males with their faces covered, one wearing a black bandana and one wearing a red bandana," according to the press release. "They forced the victim into her own vehicle's trunk."

After joyriding with the female in the truck of the passenger car, the two suspects forced her to give them the PIN to her ATM card, and they withdrew money from the Bank of America, 1088 West Avenue, Conyers.

Once they had the money, the suspects drove to Johnson Park, 1781 Ebenezer Rd., Conyers, where the female says they sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

"The victim was finally released on Johnson Road and the suspects drove off in her vehicle toward Flat Shoals Road," according to the press release. "The victim walked to Texaco (located at 1410 Klondike Road) where she called police.

Hambrick told The News the whole ordeal lasted for about six hours. When police made contact with her, the female guard had minor injuries and scratches on her body, said Hambrick. 

The two suspects are still in possession of the victim's vehicle, which has a Texas license plate DFP5984.

Hambrick says that CPD is using as much resources as available to find the two suspects.

“This is not a common occurrence in Conyers,” said Hambrick. “We expect them to be brought to justice for these hideous acts.”

Anonymous tips may be called in to Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta 404 577-TIPS. Please assist us identifying and getting these dangerous criminals off the street.