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Schools set furlough day
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The RCPS Board of Education approved one furlough day and identified three potential furlough dates in 2010 for all Rockdale County Public School staff at the Thursday night meeting.

January 4 was the only definite furlough day approved, said Chief Financial Officer Lee Davis. March 18, March 19, and June 2 were identified as potential furlough days.

Those days, except March 18, are professional development or teacher work days with no students scheduled to be in the buildings on those days, said Davis. March 18 is a half-day.

"We're trying to identify days that are non-instructional days," said Davis. He said that if the governor and legislature, which reconvenes in January, pass a midterm budget and require more furlough days, RCPS will be prepared and employees will have a chance to plan, said Davis.

In the unlikely case that the state's financial outlook drastically improves in the next semester, June 4 was identified as a potential make-up day for the January 4 furlough day.