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Rockdale Science Fair winners
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 (Jan. 29, 1:35 a.m.) Rockdale County hosted its first ever Rockdale County Regional Science and Engineering fair on Friday at the newly renovated Rockdale County High School annex.

About 144 entries from students grade 6 - 12 explored the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, material sciences, environmental science, and more.

This is the first year Rockdale County is hosting a regional level fair for students in the county. Winners from this fair will go onto state and international competitions.




Winners of the 2011 Rockdale County Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Grand Champion Awards (Advancing to GSEF):
Uchenna Anunobi
Lori Brown
Carmen Candal
Katlyn Firkus
Charity Gates
Briana Gordon (MMS)
Vander Harris
Marissa Hernandez (CMS)
Carlan Ivey (MMS)
Jasen Lauritsen
Faustine Li
Stein Lobo
Alexis Mack (MMS)
Daniel Marks
Mai Nguyen (MMS)
Alex Niebieski (DMS)
Lauren Reagin
Josh Saxton
Naomi Siddiquee (MMS)
Michael Taylor, Deeksha Windlass, Jan Zantinga
Sofia Tuttle
Caitlyn Van Heest
Raj Windlass
Elaine Wood
Samer Yassin (MMS)

Top Middle School Awards – Broadcom Masters
Carlan Ivey (MMS)
Mai Nguyen (MMS)
Naomi Siddiquee (MMS)
Samer Yassin (MMS)

Top High School Awards – Advance to ISEF
Katlyn Firkus
Lauren Reagin

Middle School Awards:

Animal Sciences
• 2nd place,  Kersten Buchanan (EMS)
• 1st place, TJ Wilson (EMS)

Behavioral & Social Sciences
• 2nd place,  Alex Niebieski (DMS), Lilith South and Minh Nguyen (MMS)

• 3rd place, Sydney Whilden (DMS)

Cellular and Molecular Biology
• 2nd place, Ashley Hong and Devin Edwards (MMS)

• 3rd place,  Nkima Stephenson (DMS)
• 1st place, Alexis Mack (MMS)

Earth and Planetary Sciences
• 1st place, Carlan Ivey (MMS)

Energy and Transportation
• 3rd place, Megan Symons (DMS)
• 1st place, Briana Gordon (MMS)

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
• 3rd place, Jeff Bang and Bianca Claritt (MMS)
• 2nd place, Jordan Tyus (MMS)
• 1st place, Mia Nguyen (MMS),  Samer Yassin (MMS)

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering
o No award given

Environmental Management
• 3rd place, Majesti Bass (EMS)
• 2nd place, Elizabeth Lowe (CMS)
• 1st place, Jake Scheaffer (CMS)

Environmental Sciences
• 3rd place, Jada Arnett (MMS),  Chazmin Cobb (DMS)
• 2nd place, Sidney Billingsley (MMS)
• 1st place, Marissa Hernandez (CMS)

Medicine & Health Sciences
• 3rd place, Aminah Matthews and Rachel Reed (MMS), Kristin Nzerue (MMS)
• 2nd place, Natalie Smith (DMS)
• 1st place, Naomi Siddiquee (MMS)

• 3rd place, Busyao Oluyole (EMS), Andre Young (EMS)
• 2nd place, Erin Hardnett (MMS)
• 1st place, Sydney Norton (DMS)

Physics & Astronomy
• 2nd place, Abby Kate Miller (DMS)
• 3rd place, George Moll (DMS)

Plant Sciences
• 3rd place, Morgan Reemmersma (DMS)
• 2nd place, Grace Anne Dukes (DMS)
• 1st place, Jacob Brown (DMS)


High School Awards:

Animal Sciences
• 3rd place, Ishmael Ahmad; Gabe Kustick; Hoa Nguyen; Dominique Steele
• 2nd place, Katie Mitchell; Collin Shamley; Erica Williams

Behavioral & Social Sciences
• 3rd place, Allie Lockwood
• 2nd place, Jordan Billingsley; Shoman Kasbekar; Lamisa Syed
• 1st place, Katlyn Firkus

• 3rd place, Michaela Sheppard
• 1st place, Daniel Marks

Cellular and Molecular Biology
• 3rd place, Ciara Chesser; Kristan Binion; Ore Adekunle; Jasmine Johnson; Heeyoon Kim; Anika Reza
• 2nd place, Jenny Kim; Ashley Driver
• 1st place, Charity Gates

• 3rd place, Paul Yates
• 1st place, Uchenna Anunobi

Computer Science
• 3rd place, Rob Bruton and Brian Silva
• 1st place, Joshua Saxton

Earth and Planetary Sciences
• 2nd place, Johnathan Davis; Julian Hinds

Energy and Transportation
• 3rd place, Gabe Allen; Rebecca Bigby; Tijon Norman
• 2nd place, Jalem Towler
• 1st place, Sofia Tuttle

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
• 3rd place, Andrew Smith; Kellie Fair; Paul Kim
• 2nd place, Elyse Showalter; Zineb Bouzoubaa; Jake Jarrell; Preston Turner; Matthew Ward
• 1st place, Jasen Lauritsen

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering
• 3rd place, Gabriel Vela
• 2nd place, Trevor Adams; Alex Mann

Environmental Management
• 3rd place, Alex Arteaga; Sheldon Neal
• 2nd place, Neal Patel; Anna Grace Slifko
• 1st place, Faustine Li

Environmental Sciences
• 2nd place, Anthonia Adams; Gedeion Addisu
• 1st place, Elaine Wood; Lori Brown; Stein Lobo; Raj Windlass

Mathematical Sciences
• 2nd place, Ksenia Zakirova

Medicine & Health Sciences
• 3rd place, Jasmine Guilford; Nia Jordan; Stephen Maldonado; Mark Meyers; Janki Patel; Viktoriya Petrenko; Brooke Tryon; Zach York
• 2nd place, Briana Cowles; Jovan Deas; Cameron Easley; Brianna Lawrence; Jason Mitchell; Tori Shuler; Margaux Usry
• 1st place, Lauren Reagin; Michael Taylor, Deeksha Windlass, Jan Zantinga; Caitlyn Van Heest

• 3rd place, Jahvan Innerarity; Adrienne Williams
• 2nd place, Lindsey Theodore
• 1st place, Carmen Candal

Physics & Astronomy
• 3rd place, Philip Anschutz

Plant Sciences
• 2nd place, Indi Brown; Clare Morganelli
• 1st place, Vander Harris


Specialty Awards:

  • Laura Anschutz Memorial Award – Morgan Riemersma (DMS)
  • Expanding Ambit Science Award – TJ Wilson (EMS)
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
    Middle School Award – Mai Nguyen (MMS)
    High School Award – Lauren Reagin
  • American Meteorological Society – Anthonia Adams; Lori Brown
  • American Psychological Association – Katlyn Firkus
  • ASM Materials Education Foundation – Trevor Adams
  • Association for Women Geoscientists – Clare Morganelli
  • Doubting Thomas Award – Paul Yates
  • Ida Bruce Environmental Science Award – Neal Patel
  • Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award – Joshua Saxton
  • Mu Alpha Theta – Ksenia Zakirova
  • National Society of Professional Engineers, Innovative Engineering Award – Zineb Bouzoubaa
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award – Carlan Ivey (MMS)
  • Ricoh Sustainable Development Award – Jalem Towler
  • Society of In Vitro Biology – Janki Patel
  • Stockholm Junior Water Prize – Elaine Wood; Yuvraj Windlass
  • U.S. Air Force Award – Katlyn Firkus; Tijon Norman; Lauren Reagin; Sofia Tuttle
  • Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. – Jasen Lauritsen