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RCSO to request salary increase
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The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office is requesting a salary increase for deputies after the office carried out a salary and benefits study that showed the RCSO ranks 51 out of 57 metro Atlanta law enforcement agencies.

After the May 2013 salary adjustment for all county employees, the RCSO pay and benefits recommendation to the BOC revealed that the salary for the position of Deputy Sheriff ranked in the 51st place out of 57 law enforcement agencies evaluated in the metro-Atlanta area. The starting annual salary for the position of Deputy Sheriff at the RCSO is currently $32,073, which is $3,220 below the average for all 57 metro-Atlanta agencies, according to the RCSO's pay and benefits study.

The RCSO's study also found the agency's incentive pay and benefits falls behind other agencies in metro-Atlanta. Several metro-Atlanta law enforcement agencies provide a salary increase for those who have earned a college degree. Law enforcement agencies evaluated in the study, in most cases, provide incentive pay for specialized training--such as S.W.A.T.--and employees who are bilingual. In regard to benefits, several metro-Atlanta law enforcement agencies contribute a large amount towards an officer's retirement while several cover 100 percent of employee insurance.

Sheriff Levett announced he will request the county raise the starting annual salary of a certified deputy from $32,073 to $34,320.

The classifications for deputies would be separated into three grades: Deputy I, Deputy II and Deputy III. Under the proposal, employees would be compensated for years of service to the RCSO and offered salary increases for college degrees and advanced training certifications. The proposal also recommends that other positions, including the ranks of Investigator, Corporal and Sergeant, be reclassified one pay grade higher to become more competitive with other metro-Atlanta agencies.

The county adopted a $55.69 million budget last year for 2013. The RCSO makes up the largest portion of the county's budget and 900-plus personnel.

Levett said in a statement that after being elected, it was a priority to conduct a pay and benefits study and develop a long-range pay and benefits plan. He said he is prepared to work with the Board of Commissioners to achieve the salary, incentive and benefits increase. "Our community needs to be dedicated to retaining our well-trained staff members and employees with longevity. Investing in our deputies now will allow us to retain highly qualified and better trained personnel, who will ultimately better serve the citizens and visitors to Rockdale County," said Levett.