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Our thoughts.... True Pride
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Last night in spite of valiant effort, the Rockdale High Bulldogs lost a hard-fought championship game to Miller Grove 67-59.

Although they lost, it does not diminish the fact that because of the spirit of the team and the coaching of Alvin Williams and his staff of coaches, they showed the rest of the state that one of the smallest counties in Georgia can produce powerful results when we stand behind the children of our community.

The might mighty Bulldogs, through their determination and hustle and skill, carried the pride of a whole community on their backs as they went into this championship game.

In recent weeks the Rockdale community has been rocked by the unexpected death of two students, the loss of a 3-year-old due to domestic violence, and violent crimes. Our Bulldogs gave us a back our sense of community pride with their efforts.

We still believe in the spirit of the people of Rockdale County. We also believe that our community believes in and supports our children.

We are proud of the efforts of the Rockdale High Bulldogs and we believe that their efforts reflect the true value of our community.