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Our thoughts: Leadership examples
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It's more than refreshing to write about some of the positive leadership that emanates from our county.
Last week we attended a special patriotic program put on by the Rockdale Rotary.

The whole program was a first class event; the speaker was Major General Maria Britt, the military leader of the Georgia Army National Guard.

Britt is a long time resident of Rockdale.

Her speech was inspiring. We are impressed that the general not only has responsibility for the young men and women who are in the forefront of protecting our state and nation, but also takes the time to raise a remarkable family.

Major General Britt is an example of the finest leadership our country can produce and we are even prouder that she is one of our own.

Ondreya Grant is another example of what we can look forward to from our youth community.

She was recently named youth of the year by a select panel of the Barksdale Boys and Girls Club.

The great news is that Ondreya is an example of many more future leaders of our community who have participated in the outstanding programs that the Boys and Girls Club produces.

We are proud of Ondreya Grant. She gives us hope for the future. We are equally proud of our Boys and Girls Club and we encourage their continued good works in dealing with the youth of our community.