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Letter: Daycare votes
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Dear Editor,

Comments from June 28, 2011: "The vote again was 2-1, with Commissioner JaNice Van Ness voting against the special-use permit that will allow TGS to operate a day care at Philadelphia Baptist Church on Old Covington Highway, west of Conyers. TGS operates a school at the church. The permit approved Tuesday allows TGS to take care of children 4 years old and younger.

Controversy has surrounded the vote. Commission Chairman Richard Oden and Commissioner Oz Nesbitt voted for the permit despite recommendations to deny the request from the Planning and Zoning Department and Planning Commission.
The recommendations were based on TGS being cited three times by the state and once from the county this year for taking in children 4 years old and younger without a permit."

April 8, 2014: The commissioners said they "heard from many community members on this issue both in favor and against the application and on the issue of church-based versus private childcare providers."

Commissioner Oz Nesbitt said, "You've elected us to make tough decisions. This is one of those tough decisions... I hope in all that I'm saying you understand whereas I support the faith based community, this is one of those decisions to support free enterprise and those folks who are creating jobs." He said "It does interfere with free enterprise and those folks who have set up business to become licensed certified childcare providers."

This vote by the tandem of Oden and Oz to deny Ebenezer United Methodist Church the opportunity to fully educate the students who currently attend their school, was wrong and clearly hypocritical. In 2011, they voted to allow a church that in no way was qualified to acquire a daycare, and yet, according to the law firm of Oden and Oz, TGS was more than qualified to operate.

This duplicitous action can easily be construed as being discriminatory.

Brian Jenkins
Rockdale County