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Haynes' removal recommended by Water Authority
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(Updated 1:05 p.m.) The Water and Sewerage Authority voted to censure member Garvin Haynes for violations of the code of ethics and bylaws and to recommend the Board of Commissioners remove Haynes from the Authority.

Members Elaine Nash, Chip Hatcher, Bill Murrain, Dwight Thomas voted unanimously at the Tuesday morning meeting that was called to discuss a complaint lodged by Rockdale Water Resources employee Michele Prescott (see PDF attached) regarding email correspondence from Haynes. Newly appointed member David Shipp abstained from voting, stating that he had not been present while the issues being discussed had occured. Newly appointed member Craig Mims was reportedly out of town. Haynes was reportedly out of town.

In Tuesday's meeting, Murrain made the motion, which cited section 17 of the Authority's Code of Ethics adopted last year, which addresses personal and professional behavior.

"The folks who come to be with us, they don't get paid to be insulted," said Murrain. "Over the last two years. I've noticed Mr. Haynes has made an effort to be disrespectful."

Chip Hatcher said, regarding RWR staff, "All these ladies and staff do whatever we ask them; they work hard, work overtime, send things to you on evenings and weekends. They don't need to be subject to any kind of abuse."

Chairman Elaine Nash agreed. "We need to deal only with issues, not personalities. (Haynes) hasn't managed to control himself."

Complaints by RWR Deputy Director Terrell Gibbs regarding Haynes' conduct was submitted last spring and summer to the Authority before the new bylaws and ethics code had been adopted.


In the emails being discussed, Prescott had sent out a revised proposal of fiscal policy for Authority members to review on Nov. 8. "I apologize," she wrote. "Dwight made some additional changes just after I sent the original email out. Please replace the previous version with this one. Thank you."

Haynes replied, "There are a number of obvious contradictions between what Mr. Wicks states either as TBD or verbage that totaly is make belive regarding the lease.  This needs our attorney review ASAP and this policy forwarded to the entire BOC.  Plus please run the items by Fiance ASAP as well."

Prescott replied,"Dwight is bringing this to the WSA first before sending it to Finance, Legal and the BOC. It's a proposed policy and the intent was to get your feedback first.This email is a bit unsettling. If anyone has specific issues with the proposed policy please call Dwight directly or send your comments and concerns via email. If we have a WSA Work Session in the near future, it can be discussed at that time as well."

About 20 mintues later Haynes replied, "Do your home work and check your facts before you attempt to waste my  time  with such nonsense....  Sorry about your feeling being taken back but this is not a policy that has any foundation of fact.  If you think am wrong check with fiance and OUR attorney first and I will reconsider.  Otherwise please don't act as if my request does not have merit."





RCWSA Code of Ethics Final - 10-2012
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