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All suspects in manhunt captured
Burglary chase, crash on I-20
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The two suspects who fled from a stolen Ford F-150 on I-20 near Turner lake Road were apprehended by authorities around 2:30 p.m. Friday.

After setting up a perimeter with authorities from Dekalb County, Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Walton County Sheriff's Office, Georgia State Patrol and the Newton County Sheriff's Office, multiple K-9 units and air support, the two suspects were brought out of the woods in their boxer shorts after shedding their clothes while running from the highway.

No one was injured in the apprehension of the suspects, after a chase started early Wednesday morning.

The event started wtih a multi-county home burglary spree turned into a chase and a crash on I-20 at Turner Hill Road, where three suspects were caught and two more escaping on foot.

According to a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, investigators believe the suspects hit multiple homes in multiple counties, including Newton and Rockdale counties.

Earlier in the week a white Ford F-150 was reported stolen from a home in Newton County.

Covington Police Capt. Ken Malcom said a burglary occured Friday morning at a home near Salem Road. The suspects kicked in the door and a witness was able to report the truck tag number. 

"We want to thank the comunity for helping us," Newton County Sheriff's Deputy Cortney Morrison said. "This is what happens when the community works with law enforcement agencies. (That's five people) who won't be able to burglarize other people's houses, and steal anybody else's cars. It was a good day."

Another attempted burglary occured in the Double Gate subdivision off Brown Bridge Road, but the suspects were unable to gain entry.

A lookout alert was issued. 

Friday morning in  Rockdale, a witness spotted suspicious activity at a home near McDaniel Mill Road. The description of the vehicle, a white Ford F-150, matched the description of the stolen vehcile from Newton County. 

The vehicle was spotted on I-20 heading east from West Avenue and deputies gave chase. The vehicle did a U-turn around the Almon Road exit and started heading west on I-20 again. The truck was spotted around Sigman Road and deputies gave chase again into DeKalb County. 

The suspects attempted to exit on the Turner Hill Road exit but the truck rolled over once. Three suspects were caught at the scene - two females and one male reportedy injured with a broken leg - but at least two suspects escaped by foot.

Items from the burglarized homes, such as guns, were found in the truck.

Malcom said investigators believe the suspects may be involved in other crimes in the county.

Turner Hill Road exit off I-20 is closed. I-20 westbound is open but traffic is reportedly slow near the crash scene.