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When does right to life end?
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 President Obama has reversed a number of Bush administration policies on abortion and access to abortions. His actions rekindled debate, or rather shouting, about when does life, and the right to it begin?

 Years of what passes for discussion has yielded no commonly accepted answer to that question. My question is, "When does the right to life end?"

 I have never heard one of the anti-abortion advocates in either the House or the Senate offer legislation offering more than poverty level existence for new mothers and their children. Leaving aside our obligations to new mothers, why has the life of the child suddenly become someone’s, anyone’s responsibility other than ours?

 If an unborn child’s life is of such value as to affect the laws we enact concerning foreign aid and regulations on medical professionals and to criminalize certain conduct, then why the drop in value upon the moment of birth? Why should the simple act of passing from being an unborn fetus to a helpless babe have such a dramatic impact on a child’s right to life?

 I see no difference between an unborn fetus and a newly born child. Or a child that is between birth and adulthood. Or past the age of majority.

 I don’t see a time when my fellow citizens suddenly lose the right to call upon my concern and support for their "right to life" and all that implies. Do you?

 Patrick Durusau is a resident of Covington. His column regularly appears on Fridays.