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...and some not so good
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Tempers flare in summer, and good people do bad and very stupid things.

In Sunday's newspaper we reported on several crimes involving family members reportedly assaulting or fighting with family members.

In one report, a family feud apparently broke out over a jewelry box. Police reported that a scuffle ensued and two women were arrested.

How sad.

Such reports seem to increase as the temperature rises. People just don't feel good in the heat and can lash out, resulting in a trip to the Newton County Detention Center and the taking of a photo portrait that's free but not exactly flattering.

If you're jailed, your charges and your mug shot are posted on the Newton County Sheriff's Office website, and a report is written out on the incident, making it very public information.

It's not the way most of us want to get our names and faces in the newspaper or out in public, but it's usually avoidable.

Think before you act out.
And just keep your cool.