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Writer defends President Obama
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Dear Sirs: I must disagree with your latest and predictable denunciation of President Obama's leadership role (A Lack of Leadership editorial, July 15).

I do not agree with all of President Obama's policies, such as continuing two ill-fated and costly wars and the financial bailouts of the banks.
But I think that he has shown amazing courage and sound leadership in so many areas, such as health care and international policies.
His concern for the disadvantaged, old and vulnerable of our population is reflected in his policy decisions as basic and sacred components.
At least he has tried to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
If our Congress could only get serious (and less political) about resolving the debt crisis, and they could do the job we elected them to accomplish.
Many in Congress seem more interested in getting re-elected than in doing what is necessary to preserve our country's best interests and welfare. Talk about exhibiting poor leadership traits.
Especially such is shown by partisan extremists who see politics as warfare.
You might consider to note in your editorials that bipartisan resolve is absolutely needed to cut spending and reform entitlements and the tax code instead of stalemate inactions.
You often indicate that your newspaper invites divergent opinions on our political and social issues.
Well, here is one.
In all humility and sincerity, some balance, please?
Larry Kennon