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Where was the Christmas in the decorations?
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Dear editor,

I read on Sunday that the lights and decorations are being taken down in the square this week. The lights were pretty, making the town look like a beach resort.

If you squinted just right, the trees looked like palm trees covered in lights. I don’t mean to be negative, but where were the Christmas decorations?

Oh, there was a tree (with white lights) tucked over in the corner but everything else looked like a tourist spot. We had the new snowflake lights last year, but again no Christmas decorations. The snowflakes were moved down the street this year. What happened to the candy canes that the "Vampire Diaries" folks donated? At least they made the square look a little festive.

I missed the Christmas decorations this year.

Perhaps we could get some pointers from our neighbors in Porterdale and Oxford: Their Christmas decorations were delightful.

I may as well bring up the Christmas parade while I’m at it. It was most unusual to be at a parade where the parade had to stop every few minutes so that it could "cross over itself." I’ve never seen that before!


Happy New Year to all,

S. G. Wofford,