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Where have you been?
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Dear Editor: The essay by Mr. Nat Harwell, published in The Covington News Sunday, Feb. 1, is a prime example of blind partisanship. His last sentence states "beware, the USB: the Unilateral Sate of Barack" because of the use of presidential directives. Where has Mr. Harwell been for the eight years of the G.W. Bush administration? Is he ignorant of the 92 presidential directives issued by Mr. Bush? For example, where was his article in 2007, when Mr. Bush produced National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 that, on the President's say so, does away with congress and the courts and turns our government into a dictatorship?

Personally, as U.S. patriot, I firmly believe in the rule of law and that we are still living in a Republic that has a Constitution that places everyone under the laws of these United States. Laws come from Congress and once signed are the rules that govern our lives, not memos from the executive branch. It is really too bad that Mr. Harwell only seems concerned at this late date and couldn't manage any similar outrage two years ago.